Friday, September 13, 2013

Well its been a while....

Yes, its been a while since I've been here.  And to answer your question from the last what did I get in my package....well nothing.  The package never came.  I don't know why or what happened and have never heard but that's okay because it must have been something big for a swap sister to just go AWOL!  That's really okay with me and I just prayed a lot for her and her circumstances that may have been beyond her control.  Besides, these were material things and as nice as it is to get a present and have something new, it is better to have compassion and understanding for our sisters, right?

On to fast forward! This latest swap was entitled Some of our Favorite Things!  Well here is a picture of my favorite things wrapped up in fat quarters and ribbon:

My swap sister hasn't said if she has gotten her package yet or not but according to my tracking info., she should have gotten it 2 days ago.  That being said, here is a picture of what is IN the packages that I sent to her!

So here is what I sent her: Starting in the back and going left to right, 2 quilt magazines, a handmade Redwork Christmas ornament of a snowman, a packet of 6 coordinating fat quarters with a pack of ribbon bows attached, 2 packs of Rick Rack one each of red and pink, a package of straight pins with button heads, a blue paper cutter for wrapping paper, a large round box covered with apple fabric and having a pin cushion top containing 3 rolls of grosgrain ribbon in shades of pink all polka dotted, a pink and white bracelet I made in the white box, a matching pair of pink and white heart earrings in blue box, pink magnetic wand for picking up pins with cancer logo, pink zippered bag for notions, and in front, 2 cards of matching pink buttons, one card of gingerbread men buttons and one card of snowmen buttons!  It was fun putting all these things I enjoy, together for Sharon and I just hope she enjoys them too!

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