Thursday, December 6, 2012

Now I am just waiting, quite patiently I might add, for my package to arrive.  If I am one of the ones whose package will be late due to circumstances beyond their control, no worries!  I am just sitting here at home, sewing away on my own Christmas projects for my family.  When it does arrive though, I will let everyone know!

My Secret Swap Sister got her package!

I'm so glad to hear that Lisa got her Secret Swap Sister Apron package!  The word I used was:  SNOWFALL and the items I sent to go along with that word were:  S: Scissors, N:  New dish gloves with a cute ruffle, O:  Ornament, W:  White crocheted top kitchen Christmas towel, F:  2 Fat Quarters in red Christmas fabric,  A:  Apron in red background with white snowmen all over, L:  Leg warmers, for Christmas socks and L:  Luscious Hot Chocolate!   Also, red is her favorite color and she doesn't drink tea or coffee so that's why she got luscious hot chocolate!!!  Yummy on a cold evening in Kentucky!  Thanks Lisa for the cute photo of you in the apron.  It's great!  Happy Holidays!